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High Risks with Low Premiums

ANNOUNCER: It is so easy a cave man could do it.

IRWIN KRAMER: Buying car insurance may be easy if you are a cave man, but if you have real assets to protect you are going to pay more for it.

DAVID PISANIC: They can't give you more coverage for less money. The only think they can give you is less coverage for less money. We should not be fooled about that.

JOHN DOETZER: Take the time to read the insurance contract.

DAVID PISANIC: Never make decisions about your insurance coverages based on the premium because that is what you look at you will be properly covered when the loss occurs.

JOHN DOETZER: Even though we advise everybody to read the policies and be familiar with the terms and conditions they are the most unread best seller out there today.

DAVID PISANIC: People saved the agent. Give me the cheapest premium that you can give me that is what I want and the agent oblige because the agent wants to keep the business.

JOHN DOETZER: It is very important for you to sit down and have a good dialogue with your insurance agent about the coverage provided and more importantly what coverage is being excluded.

DAVID PISANIC: So, you work at your office and got a great deal of my car insurance. Yeah, but do not have an accident you have not really covered for anything really other than very basic minor coverages.

JOHN DOETZER: It is always our recommendations that you familiarize yourself with the insurance coverage that you are purchasing.

DAVID PISANIC: And then when the person has a loss they realize they have terrible or poor coverage. They are not going to get pain for the things that they are covered for and this happens all the time.

JOHN DOETZER: People think that they have good coverage and they find out they do not.

CAVEMAN: Yeah. Next time, maybe do a little research.

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