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Employee Handbooks

ROCHELLE EISENBERG: Employee handbooks are good idea because they prevent somebody from saying you do not have a rule on this. I was never advised of this and you are treating me unfairly. Your responses, an employer would be well the employee handbook says you cannot gamble on company time. You gamble on company time, I gave u the employee handbook, here I even have your sign received and that ends the case. Unless, the employee can show that you allow everybody else to play Texas, hold him every morning at work.

IRWIN KRAMER: Employee handbooks can be your friend if you follow these procedures, but they could be exhibit A in a case against you, if you fail to live by them.

MARY KEATING: I like employee handbooks to have a sexual harassment policy in them with a procedure for employees to follow so that the employer can say that you did not follow the policy, you had the policy, you should have followed the policy. I would like to have a clear statement regarding absenteeism and tardiness, because these are key problems for employers nowadays whether you are dealing with an exempt employee or a non-exempt employee.

ROCHELLE EISENBERG: We have people coming into the work force who just unseem to get it that they have to got to show up everyday and everyday does not mean everyday, but Mondays. It means everyday and that you are supposed to show up on time.

MARY KEATING: Almost all employee handbooks nowadays incorporate something that says despite what is in here, it does not create a contract of employment between you and us.

ROCHELLE EISENBERG: You can be terminated at will and that the handbook is subject to change without notice.

MARY KEATING: We will comply with Federal and State Laws, but this is not a contract and that is enough to protect you.

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