The Multimedia Makeover™ - Premium Channels for Premium Sites

CLIENTELEVISION® premium channels take your site from ordinary to extraordinary.

For a fraction of the cost of custom video production, LTVN can instantly convert your static website into a multimedia resource where prospective clients may turn for guidance.

Using the power of television, we'll enhance your firm’s online presence, hold your visitor’s attention, and maximize your opportunity to engage new and prospective clients.

Leveraging hundreds of professionally-produced, dynamic videos, LTVN will give your site a Multimedia Makeover™ with a custom video channel that features:

  • Your Choice of Videos - you are in control of your channel, which may include any combination of videos from our library, videos that we produced for you, or even videos that you produced yourself!
  • Strong Brand Promotion - your firm's name and logo will be superimposed on each video contained within your customized channel, so your visitors will have a constant reminder of your services!
  • Firm Promos - unlike our basic channels, premium channels are free of advertising and promotional messages. This gives you the option to add your own promotional message either before or after each video. We can even produce a custom promo for you!

Like LTVN's basic channels, CLIENTELEVISION® premium channels are easy to embed and can be activated just as fast. By converting your static site into an interactive, multimedia resource, you add power to your online presence -- helping you convert visitors into clients.

Let us revolutionize your internet marketing campaign with a custom channel that will take your website and your business to new heights. Contact LTVN to order!

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